FORSEEE is a worldwide producer and system integrator of FORSEEE Digital Signage solution, which was created for deployment and remote management of digital screens networks of different scales and purposes. We often paid attention to digital billboards in public areas, be it menu boards at fast food restaurants, advertising screens along the highways and on the facades of buildings, information in banks and healthcare institutions or interactive kiosks in shopping malls. The information and advertisement always catch our eyeball along the way and feeding us with information, whether we choose to take it or not. There are many more real-world application for all these digital billboards but it’s the same technology behind – is a highly efficient multifunctional tool of visual communications. As a rule of thumb, the tools consists of 2 main parts:
1. Digital screen
Forseee Digital screen
Digital screen of any size and resolution with a special software installed or connects via a special receiver.
2. Management System
Forseee Management Sytstem
Management system on computers or tablets, which allows User to prepare and broadcast any types of content remotely (from simple images and video to interactive) on digital screens. The control needs active internet connections.

We are always passionate to create solutions for average people and SMEs, not only for professional system administrators. When we create our products, we put ourselves in the shoes of the operators and ordinary users, always thinking about what ticks the understanding which tools our users would need daily and what would be the most useful features and constantly update it from time to time. We would not stop for any obstacles until we provide the best service for our clients. Hence, as the result of this approach and philosophy, our software solution is elegant yet simple.

The user friendliness of our solution is able to give our users a new vision and immerse experience in solving business problems. This tremendous solution is created only for you using the business problems. This tremendous solution is created only for you using the most impressive and highest quality hardware one can find in the marketplace through our long-established connections with manufacturers of digital screens. Our comprehensive solution allows users to quickly deploy the digital signage network of any scale, purpose and within any geographical distribution and makes daily management simple with maximum effective.

We have presented our hardware and software solutions in this catalogue, an easy-to-implement solution even in for the most challenging ideas and projects. We hope the information in this catalogue will be really useful for you and hopefully this is the first step among many steps towards forming a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.



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